Lol, David

Medium is a website that is way out of date. Who still writes blogs these days? (irony) Medium is a place where divorced dads write a 40 minute story about how they were broken up and how Patricia broke their heart, or vice-versa. Trust me, I read them. They’re fun sometimes, for timepass because you know your reading how David was left heartbroken when Patricia left him. These names are such white names. ‘David&Patricia’ #davpat, the hashtag is pretty funny. By the way, these boomers do use the ultimate boomer website which is Mark Zuckerberg’s death to privacy website Facebook, or as Chinese people would like to call, copycat. Chinese people be like “HEY THAT’S OUR JOB, DON’T YOU DARE COLLECT USERS INFORMATION, THAT’S OUR JOB! SUPREME COMMANDER OF THE GLORIOUS FANTASTIC SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS NATION! COME HERE! and please put this mug in the sink.” David changed his status from married to single, which was so funny but sad at the same time. His last post before getting divorced was, and I quote, “Pat and Me Having an absolute blast. #davpat” He sure did have a blast the following day. Blast. Boom. A nice to say, he of course couldn’t be silent so Facebooking it is. “Me and Pat are over #davpat” still using the #davpat. lol. David cried like a literal baby, while facebook was recording his whole crying, because even the employees need a break.

Facebook, the world’s first social media platform, or as I would like to call the ultimate death to the dog named Privacy. That poor dog always dies whenever someone opens Facebook. Or vice-versa. Privacy is a new dog but is old in dog years. Privacy has already died 300 times within the next minute, guys please contact PETA. Facebook is of course a leading cause to the death of Privacy. The Royal Family of the U.K (that once ruled half of the world, but due to greediness and less money left and now only have an island that too which has been more isolated because (EU) or as Meghan would like to call, Old Lady’s family where they do not care about the Ol’ lady) has a very nice rule, that you’ve to stay off social media, and Facebook. Best rule ever. I wish I was in the Royal Family. NO, I TAKE THAT BACK. (sorry Meghan) But the social media, and Facebook rule is nice. That rule should be for every troll. Please stay off social media for a second. I took a break on social media, and Facebook for around a….. second.

This is supposed to be the ending but China has a special message that says, “Dear Zuckie, we had nice ties together because our work is so similar, we steal others data and spy on them because, money. Anyways STOP DOING OUR JOB, please STOP! ONLY WE ARE MEANT FOR THIS. WE DO NEED YOUR SUPPORT ( BUT NOT LIKE THIS.


Xylophone XI”




Funny, Weird, Funny, Weird.

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Hridhaan Jalam

Hridhaan Jalam

Funny, Weird, Funny, Weird.

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